Sunday, October 5, 2008

So what's more exciting on a Saturday night than going to your high school homecoming dance? Why, going bowling of course!! Last night, my group of friends went to dinner and then we headed off to bowling at Silva Lanes. Bowling shoes and homecoming dresses, how sexy is that? haha well anyway it was a bunch of fun! Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pictures, but my hair WAS amazing, my compliments to my wonderful YW leader Sister. Napier! She did an amazing job! So here are the few pictures I got : ) Yeah i know Danny and Megan are way weird haha

Saturday, July 5, 2008

EFY 2008!!

So i went to EFY on the week of june 23 to june 28. Best experience EVER!!! These two awesome people with the blue shirts are the coolest counselors EVER!!!!! Alex and Kris. Then there is our whole company, about 32 people not including counselors.

and of course there are our boys! our awesome boys! I met some really awesome people, and made a ton of GREAT friends!

Here are all us girls just in my group, we all got really close. I went up all by myself, but I quickly made lots and lots of friends. The spirit was just so strong up there all week and I had just the greatest time ever! I can't wait for next year, I think I might just go back up to Flagstaff again!! And this last picture are the two closest girl friends I made up there! Besides my inspiring counselor Alex who I absolutely ADORE! Carli on the left, me in the middle, and my roommate Alyssa on the left. She was a great roommate! Those blue jolly ranchers work wonders!

Friday, June 20, 2008


So I just got back from Mexico! It was an AWESOME time!! We pet turtles, saw a sea lion in the ocean and lots of dolphins! I got pretty tan and we did a whole lot of shopping!! I spent a lot of money... but it was totally worth it! I'm glad to be back home though, even if it's not for very long at all : ) but I LOVE Mexico and was sad to leave, I love the beach! But i brought back lots o' stuff : ) Too bad it was just so short : ( We had a very beautiful view from our hotel room! and I saw some pretty amazing sights, and some GORGEOUS sunsets!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My amazing group of friends!!

I am such a lucky person! I have the greatest group of fun, sweet, amazing people!!! When we all get together it's either completely chaotic or seriously insane! Any way you slice it we always have a blast! These are some random times where we had some crazy fun times, whether it was at a park, in a pool, or in someone's backyard!


I had such an awesome time just a few weeks ago hangin out with my best girl friends 'camping'! We set up a tent in my backyard and spent the night out there: possibly the highlight of my summer!! All four of us were crazy hyper and we stayed up until about six in the morning! crazy, i know : D We watched scary movies, and made 'banana boats' and had a campfire, and as you can tell, we took lots of pictures! That picture on the very top left is just a cute picture of all of us, not on our 'camping trip' though. And our flexing poses, well, we put that tent up all by ourselves! Except for the rain cover, which we had to put up at about three in the morning because I didn't think there was any possible way it would rain! Silly me. We took lots of videos too, but no one needs to see those. Ever.

Things here in the 505 couldn't get any better! I have my 5 older siblings Carleigh (My best friend in the whole wide world! I don't know what I'm going to do without her when she goes to college!) Zach, Ryan (I will soon have a sister-in-law, Ashley, courtesy of Rhino Blaster : D) Kara, and Aubrey. And of course I can't forget my wonderful brothers-in-law, Aubrey's husband Josh, and Kara's husband Garrick! And of course of course my little nieces Rylee and Jadyn, who are Kara and Garrick's little princesses, and Caden, who is Aubrey and Josh's little man! Oh and soon we will have another little princess coming around when Aubrey has her baby in November!! I, Hannah, the youngest of the Wallace clan (Not including the babies) am 15, gonna be a sophomore in high school starting August and I'm looking for a job! :o scary, I know. But I'm taking advantage of what little freedom I have left and enjoying my summer! My fam is leaving for Mexico tomorrow : D and right when we get back I'm taking off for EFY!!!! And right when I get back from EFY I'm jumping right into summer school :*( I also went to girl's camp where I had the opportunity to go on the '4th year hike' which was AMAZING!!! Other than that I have just been doing a whole load of hanging out with friends and enjoying my time away from school!!